About Us

Convenient payment solutions

Flexpay was launched in 2008 to create a simple, convenient payment solution for companies to pay wages to the thousands of South Africans who did not have access to traditional banking.

The introduction of Flexpay revolutionised this process by providing every employee with a card that allowed them the convenience and safety of traditional banking without ever having to provide FICA documents, or even set foot in a bank.

At the time, Flexpay was designed with the unbanked labour workforce in mind. Historically, these workers would receive weekly cash wages, which would necessitate business owners having to draw large amounts of money; transport it to the work site (often in rural areas) and; institute complex systems to ensure that every employee received their correct wages on time.

The cost and logistics savings to corporates and others was, and still is, innumerable. Now, however, Flexpay continues to grow and adapt to offer specific solutions to the, often complex, requirements of modern business.