What We Do

Here’s why Flexpay is better for your business.

By simplifying the payment process with the issuance of a prepaid MasterCard card, Flexpay can significantly cut the amount of administrative time and cost that ordinarily goes into payments.


Our answer is yes!
Now, what is your question?

With a decade of experience in payments for almost every industry in South Africa, Flexpay understands the challenges and constraints businesses face when making payments.

We help corporates overcome these issues by providing flexible payment solutions that allow businesses to carry the lowest possible operational and banking costs. Flexpay puts payment power back in your hands, by providing employers with access to a web-based administration portal, or alternatively by integrating into your existing system with our user-friendly webservice API.


Not only will we tailor the perfect solution for your business’ & your cardholders’ needs,
Flexpay also offers 24-hour support, seven days a week. 

Whatever your industry, we have a solution

  • Payroll
  • Debt management
  • Student grants and bursaries
  • Insurance payouts
  • Security
  • Construction & farming
  • Company payouts, bonuses, petty cash and incentive payments
  • Transactional Banking – Account + Debit card (FICA dependent) and Wallet programs

Our cards function like a debit card:

  • ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Point of sale purchases and cash back.
  • Online shopping capabilities, including the purchase of airtime and pre-paid electricity.
  • Mobile and online banking.
  • Secondary cards are available on request.
  • All transactions are secured by a PIN where a PIN pad is present
  • International use.
  • Electronic funds transfer.
  • PAYT ( Pay as you Transact )
  • Local and international use
  • Debit orders (transactional account)